Aug 28, 2011

Eating with zest

Of course there is an intended pun. What were you thinking! I am in love with the latest addition to my kitchen - the Microplane Zester. I can't believe I was zesting limes and oranges without this handy tool - makes zesting a piece of cake (no pun here!)

I've been zesting pretty much anything zestable and thought to share this easy and tasty appetizer I made. Lets call it lemon and pepper tofu (pretty ingenious huh!).

Anyway, so I took some firm tofu and sautéed it in my cast iron pan till it got a nice brown color all over. In the meantime, I rubbed some cashews with olive oil and put them under the broiler and once they had some color, pulled them out and tossed it with paprika, lemon zest and salt. Next I took the sauteed tofu blocks and seasoned it with salt, pepper and lime juice. I arranged the tofu in a flat bowl, topped it with the cashews, some chopped green onion and lots of lemon zest.

Voila! A great tasting healthy snack.


new mommy said...

Looks divine...will try it out right away

zaeka said...

good luck! hope it turns out well :)