Jan 30, 2011

Another food blog - really?

Why do I feel the need to blog about food, when there is a glut of information about food - recipes, restaurants, reviews and shows just about everywhere you look - on TV and on the internet.

Simple - I believe food is an under-appreciated art and needs more expression. Good food is a journey that indulges all the senses and if all senses are engaged how can creating food be anything but art?

With the world becoming an increasingly small place, there is a huge canvas and myriad colors to play with. If you are a Michelin chef, how can you survive in the food industry and not be an artist? Each dish is a play on flavor, texture, aromas and visual appeal...

Whether it is cold ice balls dipped in colorful syrup, an array of spicy chutneys that bring tears, the smoky aroma of a great afternoon barbeque, the sight and sounds of a fresh fish market, or just a cup of fragrant tea - food arouses emotion.

And "zaeka" is a journey into that world of art... which is food.

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